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The use of sodium nitrate What?

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Applications enamel industry as a flux, oxidizing agents and raw materials for the preparation of enamel powder. All kinds of glass and glass products industry as bleaching agents, defoamers, clarifying agents and oxidative flux. No hunger molten caustic soda industry as a bleaching agent and for the manufacture of other nitrates. The food industry for meat processing hair color agent to prevent deterioration of meat, and can play the role of seasoning. Apply fertilizer industry as acid soil fertilizer available, especially for never root crops such as beets, radishes and so on. Dye industry for the production of picric acid and dye materials. Metallurgical industry as steel, aluminum heat treatment agent. Machine City Industrial used as a metal cleaner and preparation of ferrous metals blue agent. The pharmaceutical industry as a medium of penicillin. Cigarette industry as tobacco combustion. Analytical chemistry for chemical reagents. In addition, for the production of explosives

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