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Effective way to skin contact with calcium chloride solution

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Calcium chloride because dehydration can make skin moist and irritating, when solid calcium chloride dissolved a lot of heat, such as being accidentally ingested can cause burns of the mouth and esophagus. Therefore, it must prevent calcium chloride exposure to the skin, if skin contact with calcium chloride, must promptly remove contaminated clothes, rinse with running water; if accidentally touching the eyes calcium chloride, to lift the eyelid, flowing water or saline rinse, and seek medical advice.

     Calcium chloride storage is very important, no matter how the external environment humidity, calcium chloride can persist more than 35% of the weight of absorbent capacity, more suitable for low temperature storage, with excellent dry absorbent effect and lower price. However, calcium chloride can not be used dry ammonia, alcohol, amines and the like.

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